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Traditional Linseed Oil - 100ml 

Preparation, care & maintenance for your bat


For Natural finish (untreated) bats:-
Before use, apply a light coat of raw linseed oil (bat oil) to the face, back edges and toe with the fingers and palm of the hand. Avoid oiling the splice area.
3 or 4 further light coats should be applied to the face, edges and toe at about weekly intervals. Clean the bat using fine sand paper before each application. Repeat occasionally if the bat is very dry.
After oiling lay the bat flat for a few hours.

For bats with a cover on the face:-
Apply oil as described above, but only to the back, uncovered edges and toe.

For polycoated bats:-
No oiling is required, however, during play the polycoating will wear from the toe area and the exposed willow should be lightly oiled as described above.